Plaster Casting in Redondo Beach

This week’s assignment was to head down to the beach and create a “plaster cast” of our hand or foot. To tackle this, I had my dad come help me.  Being extremely fortunate to live up the street from one of Southern California’s most beautiful beaches, the commute wasn’t that long.  Upon arriving and after a few attempts at getting a good mold of my hand, I realized that getting its outline was going to be difficult– the sand just wouldn’t stay.  Adding the right amount of water ultimately helped, and I finally poured in the plaster.  We waited 30 minutes and dug around the mold, revealing a hand-ish shaped object. I had extra plaster left over so I also made a mold of my foot– it did not come out very well.  Ultimately this project was very interesting and taught me how to work more with plaster and how to enjoy a good sunset.


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