Wk 2-Art Activity-Landscapes with a Corpse

When I was thinking about this project and admiring the amazing pictures Izima Kaoru took in his Landscapes with a Corpse series, I was a bit overwhelmed.  Thinking about death and even acknowledging its presence does not scare me, but it does make me uncomfortable.  There are so many things we do not know about it.  For this reason, I chose to imagine my death as a simple one— inebriated on my favorite red wine and inhaling gas.  It’s a bit morbid, but I have a hard time imagining any other classmate coming up with a “normal” portrait.  In realty, I would like to think I’ll die as an old woman in her sleep, but where’s the fun in that?  

For the alternative shot, I took a shot of the oven— next to which I die.  I show this as a very materialistic aspect of my death— without it, it wouldn’t have occurred.  I think Kaoru’s photos are very creative and show his characters in a variety of settings.  With my portrait I hoped to convey a sense of desperation.  Wine in hand, and head in the oven.  Not a way I’d ultimately like to go, but I like how my pictures turned out!


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