Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Molly Ramage

Exhibition Information

Artist: Molly Ramage

Exhibition: Sleep Sweat

Media: Installation, Paper Mache, Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: jetbootsjetpack

About the Artist

Ramage is a third year student in the Fine Arts program at California State University, Long Beach.  She is in the print making track of the major, and has allowed us entry to her world through her “Sleep Sweat” exhibition.  Speaking with Ramage, she revealed her extraordinary ability to have (and actually remember) vivid dreams. One walk through her gallery, and you can see the incredibly detailed pieces evoking lots of raw emotion.  Her pieces the the unconscious— that is, the dream state, and turn it into abstract imagery.  

Formal Analysis

The sculpture in Ramage’s Sleep Sweat exhibit is made from plaster with painted paper mache overlay.  It has contrasting colors, creating a piece that is visually appealing, yet confusing.  

Content Analysis

She said she created the piece in January and out of all the works she created, this one resonates most with her.  Being a very active dreamer, this can also include nightmares.  This piece captures what a nightmare physically feels like— a demon under the bed searching to “eat you alive.”  She mentioned that she believes dreams and nightmares are repressed emotions manifesting themselves in your subconscious.  

Synthesis / My Experience

I really enjoyed Ramage’s exhibit because it got me to enter into the world of dreams.  I am one of the rare people who cannot dream (or doesn’t remember them.) She and I spoke about this a bit and among several herb recommendations, she said I should try writing anything down if it feels like deja vu.  Her work is very unique and I love its unexpected almost childlike drawings.

Last photo is the sculpture!


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