LA Art Book Fair Expo

Yesterday, my friend Claire and I decided to check out the (free) Art Book Fair in downtown LA.  I did not have many expectations for how it was going to be, but as soon as I got their, I was immediately overwhelmed– in the best way possible!  Among the flocks of hipster artists, Claire and I pushed our way through the various rooms, looking at all the incredible art.  I was really drawn to all the political pieces that people had, like mini-posters you see above.  Being more of a liberal, it was nice to be surrounded by like-minded people, and seeing their ideas being turned into art!  We continued walking, heard the sound of a tattoo gun, looked over at one another, and both at the same time said, “no, it can’t be.”  We turned the corner and saw, however, that yes, it was true– artists were giving out tattoos.  This, I think is the ultimate ode to someone’s art– when they want to get a piece branded on their body forever.  Although I didn’t end up buying any merch or books, I was really intrigued by two pieces in particular.  One was a book and the other was the uterus bag you see above.  The book had various pictures of guys from a gay dating site in Europe, either naked or striking a provocative pose with next to them eloquent poetry in a profile-like way.  I thought it was really unique and also really fitting for today’s modern romance.  The uterus bag says in French “it is my decision” and as you can see, flashes the middle finger.  I would have loved to buy it mainly because  I am completely disgusted with the discussions surrounding taking away a woman’s right to abortion and preventative family care.  Overall I really enjoyed taking a nice Saturday afternoon to please my creative brain and even listen to a bit of music.  Sitting outside, we also encountered two Italian guys (I am so obsessed with Italian), so it was kind of like the universe knew and wanted me to be there.


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