Wk 6- Art Piece- Carmina Correa

*Meme Show*

Carmina Correa

watercolor on canvas paper

20″x 30″


CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery


In a far away land, maybe not even on this planet, a 5 tonne dog lies in wait.  It’s hungry– it hasn’t eaten in 2 weeks because of the famine raging the land.  In the distance it hears the pitter-patter of human feet.  He gets up and marches towards it.  The people feel and hear the giant approaching– the ground shakes and it sounds like it’s thundering.  He reaches the town, looks at all his delicious options, and utters “Much destruction, wow.”  The people, not knowing the giant dog could speak, stared at him and froze in fear.  He bends his dips his mouth towards the ground, attempting to catch something.  The people run in all directions, scared of their imminent deaths.  He is hungry.  There are no survivors.


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