Wk 6- Art Activity- Zines and Flip Books

The most fun part about making my zine book was deciding what to write about.  I had a few ideas in mind, but ultimately went with “How to fake being Italian”, as I’d say I’m an expert.  (Not that I have to fake it because I am, but you get it!) While I lived in Florence amongst so many other Americans, I used the “fake it till you make it” motto until I fit in.  Making the zine was really cathartic and I enjoyed making it somewhat comical.  Everyone has their perceptions of other cultures— some are straight out stereotypes— so I thought I’d combine typical italian stereotypes into the book.  Some of the pages inside include: smoke, know hand gestures, drink fancy wine, eat lots of pasta, be loud, and walk a lot.  It was really nice just taking the time to think of the main points I wanted to include, and the “art” I wanted to put by it.  If I were to do this again, I’d like to use some of my own pictures and combine it with some Italian literature cut-outs to really give it a unique look.  I would have put more pictures in this one but our home printer just broke! Next time! Anyway, I thought this was a really neat project— actually my favorite so far.  


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