Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Antonio Hernandez

Artist: Antonio Hernandez

Exhibition: One Body

Media: Acrylic paint, cardboard, bubble wrap, and paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: n/a

Instagram: n/a

About the Artist

Hernandez landed a spot in this exhibition through his participation through the inter varsity group which is a Christian based organization on campus.  They offer Bible study classes and join together with the other Bible study groups once a week on Thursday.  It was through this group that he created his piece “Hope” in the “One Body” exhibit.  Hernandez is not in the Bachelor of Arts or Fine Arts program at CSULB, but he is considering a career in film.  Currently, he is a first year Pre-Marketing major.  In his spare time he enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends.  Hernandez is based in Los Angeles (South Central), but lives at the Beachside dorms.  

Formal Analysis

In this mixed media piece created from cardboard cutouts, bubble wrap, paper, and acrylic paint, Hernandez used the different media textures to represent different cultures.  The cardboard forms a rounded arc above the blue inlay (in watercolor).  The whole piece is very rounded and undulating as well.  

Content Analysis

In synchronicity with the exhibition, Hernandez’ “Hope” represents the merging of cultures.  He specifically refers to Generation Z and Millenials coexisting in a world without discriminating one another.  While speaking to him he also maintained that the “bridging” can also occur between cultures and religions.  The main theme of the entire exhibition, apparent through other works is the unconditional love of God.  His Inter-varsity group preaches selflessness and faith in Jesus, and he tried to relay the same message through his art.

Synthesis / My Experience

I ultimately chose to talk further with Hernandez because I was really interested in the One Body exhibit.  The idea of a higher power and an fully excepting God is something I think all humanity should believe in.  I’m not very religious myself, but I chose to acknowledge a higher power and render my fate as something inevitable.  We are all here to learn and we need to be accepting of one another.  I don’t believe in all the preachings of the (Catholic) Church but this one I agree on. IMG_9876


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