Wk 10- Art Activity- The Wedge

The Wedge. The infamous Wedge.  Four years at Cal State Long Beach, and before this assignment was ever given to us, I’ve analyzed this particular architectural dilemma.  Many a time I’ve attempted to go through the small archway while other students from the other side try to push past first. I’ve become an embittered senior as of late, and will usually be the first to go through.  It’s generally a game of stop and go.  Guys, I’ve found, have a tendency to let female students through first, as a matter of being a gentleman.  Girls don’t really care.  After our professor assigned us this project to redesign the “Wedge”, I made sure to think of all plausible options.  While it might actually help to put in a stoplight to regulate the student traffic, the more reasonable option would be to completely take the wall down.  Both the angles of the wall and the concrete stupid benches leave students inching around the space just trying to get through.  My plan would be to demolish the wall.  If the architecture of the roof portion needs to be supported by something, there could be a steel beam put in— aesthetically pleasing, of course.  The concrete benches would be removed, and a shrub or small tree could be put in the space.  Please see the below drawing for further reference!

While the Wedge has become apart of my CSULB experience, it needs to go. It’s an unnecessary “quirk” in the overall beautiful campus architecture and a hazard for students.  With my design, students will be able to move easily through the space into/out of the USU. It will be pretty too! A year from now, the Wedge will be a thing of the past, and the new design will reduce student traffic and save people time who have to go quickly to class. 


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