Wk 12- Art Activity- No Electricity

  1. What did you think the experience would be like?

In the times we live in, it is so incredibly rare to spend time alone, without people, and most importantly, without the constant burden of technology.  Spending a night without electricity did not seem fun to me, and honestly, I resented having to do it.  Yet on my Thursday night I decided to make the time and clear my schedule to devote a little “me” time.  I collected all the candles in my house (literally), lit some incense, got into my pajamas, and picked a good book to read.  In the end it wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be.

2. Was it “easy” or “hard”?

It wasn’t either of the two. It was different. I usually come home from school and destress by watching Youtube or a show. Having not had this option, I got more into the book I was reading and appreciated it more.

3. “Frustrating” or “Liberating”?

I think it was frustrating at first, but then I slowly began to forget I had no electricity in the first place. Except for the candlelight which was a bit straining on my eyes.  

4. Did you get better sleep? Are you usually sleep deprived? What would it be like to sleep well every night?

The next morning I woke up feeling so refreshed.  This was after having only slept 6 hours (I usually sleep 8-9)! I was surprised as to how great I felt, but I definitely attribute this to the lack of white light my eyes saw the night before. I’ve done this in the past, like on nights before big exams or when I have to wake up especially early. I know it’s been effective in the past, but it’s hard to get into the routine of turning off phones and computers.  They’re so addicting.

5. How is living without electricity more organic or harmonious with nature?

Without electricity, it gave me a sense of calm I can never get when I have my phone nearby.  I physically lit candles. I made fire. I brought nature to my bedroom and listened to the noises outside while I read.  It was so soothing I eventually fell asleep.

6. How is living without electricity more limited? Is it boring?

While going without electricity gave me a sense of peace, in the back of my mind I felt as if I should be maximizing my free time by surfing the internet (I’m a 10 tabs open kind of person).  My mind is constantly thinking about the thesis I’m writing and the assignments I have due.  My computer represents both the mundane but also entertainment. I missed not watching youtube, but it made watching it the next day all the more special. 

7. How do you think people survived without constant stimulation?

People can survive on water, food, and human connection. It was done before the invention of technology and can be done in today’s society.

8. What would be your ideal level of life activity and connectivity?

I think this is very subjective to what I need to get done for the day. If I have assignments to do or things I need to research, I rely more on my computer. Social media is always so addicting, but I really shouldn’t use it as much. In an ideal world I would only be on the computer for an hour or so everyday, and use my phone only for urgent issues. By doing this, I’m sure I could simplify my life in a lot of ways.  

IMG_0023 (1)
before turning the lights off!

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