Wk 15- Artist Conversation- Chantae Reden

The fact that Ms. Reden came to speak with us the very day after I had watched a video about adventure blogging as a career– it was like the universe was trying to tell me something.  Her message to us was clear– you can do what you love, anywhere!, and make money. It was really refreshing to hear a college graduate preaching about what I want to do. Below are a few pictures from her “gallery” but I think it would be worth it to check out her beautiful blog (http://www.chantae.com/)! Reden is a University of Southern California graduate in political science. After moving to Australia, admittedly to follow a special someone, she decided to branch off and start writing.  After multiple rejections and negative feedback, Reden persevered and found her niche through her blog. She spends 8 months out of the year in Western Australia, and the other 4 traveling. Her work is all encompassing.  She writes passionately about her travels and spoke adamantly about marketing herself– something she said we should all do.  So, how can one pursue the work they love. Reden had three answers:

  1. finding potential passions and interests
  2. making it practical (aka how to make money with it)
  3. persisting even after rejections and difficulties

Reden’s humor and anecdotes made her presentation very enjoyable. Please go check out her blog!

Other blogs of interest:





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